ExxonMobil (Project Delta) Computing Facility & Central Utilities Plant

The project is designed as a 90,000 square foot Data Center. The Computing Facility is located within a larger campus of 22 other buildings of various size and functions in Spring, Texas. A campus Central Plant will provide the Computing Facility with required power and Chilled Water. Overall cooling tons will total 2,000+. The building shall support an initial computing load of 6.0MW with future expansion to 12.0MW. The Computing Facility will support data storage and computing functions, campus fiber distribution, and work/support space for IT personnel. Estimated completion of the facility is early 2013.

Additionally, the 2-year central plant project, which began in September 2011, consists of a 3-story, 180,000 square foot central plant with 17,500 tons of cooling. These two projects are major components of the $1.2 billion initial expansion of ExxonMobil.