Baylor Medical Center

Contract Amount = $6,977,000

Two phases were necessary to complete the additions and alterations to Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton, Texas.

Phase One involved revisions at the enlarged Central Plant, with the addition of (2) 650 ton chillers, cooling towers, pumps, heat exchangers and other associated equipment to serve an enlarged ER and a new five story, 135,000 sq ft tower, with chilled water and heating hot water. Ten large Roof Top Air Handling Units, including two custom units with capacities of 130,000 CFM, supply the more than 430 air terminals and the air side requirements of this project.

In addition to the standard plumbing systems, and over 600 plumbing fixtures, extensive medical gas additions and alterations were included in the scope of this two year project.

The Way team was mobilized on site, with a staff including full time project management, field supervision, and CAD detailing to provide the project with the necessary level of support to insure successful completion with a high degree of customer satisfaction.